Woofstock Toronto

Woofstock Toronto

The past June 8 and 10, the Woofstock Toronto was presented in the Lawrence Market Neighbourhood, with the assistance of thousands of cute doggies and their owners to become part of this great festival where all dog lovers and their pets get reunited in Downtown Toronto and have a walk to see other dogs, participate in different contests, take part in pet-related products exhibitions all in one place and an environment where dog lovers show off their cute furry friends.

Chinese dog @ Woofstock

I had the opportunity to walk along Front Street on a Saturday Morning and I took some pictures of doggies that caught my attention as they were so cute and friendly.

Some of the stands at the Woofstock showed great products for doggies such as clothing, new ideas to clean after dogs, gromming services, healthy and organic food for pets but the main attraction was seeing all dogs from different breeds and some of the with unique looks made by their owners.

Trimming Dog

Also I had the chance to see a Costume Contest where a couple of doggies were the winners as they were dressed from home-made costumes like the Toy Story characters Buzz Lightyear and Woody. As fairly they became the winners, the owner got a very good package of pet supplies and I am sure she left entirely happy for having participate in the event.

The Woofstock Toronto event was a success again like it has been since the first time it was hosted in the city back in 2003, and every year more people is knowing about it.

Woofstock little friends

Personally I wish the best luck to the organizers for this event to become bigger and more International as they make a great effort to reunite all pet lovers in the city to have a great time and enjoy of their common love for their dogs. Woofstock is definitely a great event that you cannot miss in Toronto.

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