Job scams at kijiji

May 9th, 2012

It has become quite common to look for a job at classifieds over the internet. Even people around me has used them. For instance, a friend of mine has been complaining about the large amount of scams going on at websites where people post ads offering job positions that are not true and he badly has been part of that negative circle, where people who need a job waste more time when looking for one, due those elaborate and well-thought ads to get people. For me, it has become even difficult to listen the constant complaints of my friend about the numerous job interviews he has been attended over the first months of 2012.

Scams and fake jobs offered at those public classifieds has made him lose his time going to different parts of the city to have interviews where people are just looking to make job seekers believe they will be hired if they perform previous tasks like bringing a certain number or clients for the business, or offer a partner position in a company that does not produce profits in exchange of future benefits, just to take advantage of free job that the job seeker can perform.

It is becoming a problem for people in Toronto, because we are noticing how there are not many job opportunities available, and  in the other hand there is people trying to take advantage of other to benefit themselves or their businesses.

He also complaints how many job offers are fake, just to make people believe that there are openinigs in certain areas like security guards and below those ads they offer school and training to obtain certificates and  then apply for the numerous jobs offers that in the end are just a scam to take the money of people.

My friend’s experience has taught me to be more careful and really analize what I see and I read over the internet. Not everything is true. But then, you can get many sources and learn which ones are reliable or just garbage. This experiences in the end, will make us more aware and smart about taking decisions.


New TTC trains

April 7th, 2012

The other day, I took the TTC subway, and I had the chance to see the new trains. I had to take some pictures to share with you, how good looking they are.

I was walking with a friend of mine, who happen to be from Europe, and he was saying how in Toronto was behind regarding Public Transportation. But then, the new train came and he could see how the city is doing an effort to catch up and provide a better service to all Torontonians.

The new  trains are very nice. They still keep the same design of the older trains, but renewed. They are wider and they have a better suspension that allows having a better experience when moving on the rails.

The Subway lines have LED that let people know in which station the train is arriving. This ins a good feature for people who are not regular riders of the TTC or for tourists.

It is good for people in Toronto to have a better subway system, because it is not exactly cheap the fare for subway. Today, people in Toronto pay CAD$3.00 for a single ride, and if they buy 3 tokens people pay CAD$7.50. For the Metropass, that allows people to ride unlimited for one month, costs approximately CAD$127.00, and the weekly passes CAD$37.50.

As you can notice, the prices are not that cheap, therefore a better services is urgent to make people more happy in the city, as the service really stresses people out.

The new trains are really expected and hopefully they introduce them in a faster rate to the public.



Stripper Shoes Toronto

April 7th, 2012

Living in in a big city such Toronto, you can find different places to go, a variety of products and it becomes easy to get anything that you are looking for. In Toronto is common to see many things around, even when they are contrary. For instance, when you walk along Yonge Street, you can see different kinds of shops, from clothing stores, hotels, cafeterias, ice cream shops, fashion boutiques, and even Strip clubs.

One of the stores that are located on Yonge Street, there is one dedicated to Stripper heels and all types of sexy outfits to play with your partner.

This store has a large variety of high heels and platforms that are very nice, and will match different costumes that you use.

It is definitely a good place to walk in and try some of the sexy shoes and accesories and find out if you can feel confident and good in them. I personally believe they are awesome.

If you want to be kinky and play around, this place is good place to find  sexy  products. Spice you life and feel happier.

This store is between Bloor Street and College Street. Take a day to walk along Yonge Street and you will easily spot it.


Toronto Christmas Market

December 21st, 2011

Another place to visit during the HO-HO-HO-lidays without a doubt is the Distillery District, where you can enjoy of a magnificent atmosphere for the Christmas Season. The Christmas Market at the Distllery District has a variety of Stands where you can find diverse products from Ornaments for the Christmas Tree, Christmas Crafting, a wide variety of food beginning from Schnitzels, Hot Dogs, Chocolate, Cookies, Coffee, Pretzels, Sweets and more, so it is just for try something new, or just satisfy your cravrings while visiting the Christmas Market at the Distillery, without a doubt you will get something to eat.

At the Distillery District, the Main Stage offers a variety of musical events, mainly Carollers that definitely makes us feel the Season Holidays, displaying their abilities and talent for singing the Christmas Carols, which is so unique of North America.

Also you can have some fun, riding the wheel of Fortune that has been installed at the end of the main pavilion of the Distillery District and see from a different angle, the beautiful lighting of the Pavilion as well the tall Christmas Tree and its Ornaments, beside the Main Stage.

So to all the visitors in Toronto, this is a great spot to be while enjoying the Christmas time in the city, and even though we are not experiencing snow, we have a better change to get there without delay and walk without any problem, while you do your Christmas Shopping at the Market and enjoy the Best season of the Year at this Historic Area of Toronto.


Christmas in Toronto

December 8th, 2011

Toronto City Hall in Christmas 2011

Toronto city is a great place to enjoy the Holidays!! From the nicest shopping windows from The Bay located on Queen Street with the beautiful Christmas arragements each year they perfect to the nicest setting on the City Hall including the Christmas Tree, the nice lighting from the Skate Ring at the Nathan Philips Square to the Christmas spirit that you can see and feel while walking inside the Eaton’s Centre, I am confident you will have a great time visiting Downtown Toronto.

Since the beginning of December, the Skate Ring at Nathan Philips Square  is ready for all those who enjoy to skate. I must say I did not see many people yet, maybe because the weather hasn’t been that cold or because it the beginnings of the winter season, however as we do not have bad temperatures, having a nice walk and buying the Xmas gifts definitely are other activities you can do during the week or even better at weekends.

Free Skating in Toronto

And please, do not forget to enjoy a hot soup that will bring your energy up after visiting downtown, specially a Pho Soup or a hot Gamjatang or better known as a Pork Bone Soup, that will make you feel warm after being in the outdoors and as Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities you can choose pretty much any type of food you prefer.

I hope you enjoyed this post. And I will be updating my Canada-Toronto blog during these Holidays to show you my finds while walking on the City. Ciao!!